It’s taken me a few days to get around to writing my first post.  I wasn’t too sure what I wanted it to be about – whether to just jump in and tell you what I’ve been doing, or give you some background, or maybe hints and tips.  Then I realised, thinking about it was no good, I just needed to get down to it.  My joining Slimming World was a bit like that.  I’m sure you recognise the thought process:  “ooh I need to lose some weight.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll start a diet.  Which one?  Hmmm, oh well I’m sure it’ll come to me, for now I might as well just keep eating the same as usual…”  And so it continues.

So I bit the bullet and joined Slimming World.  I’ve done it before and I did quite well, but I stopped going and gained the weight back plus a whole load more.  My starting weight a few weeks ago was the heaviest I’ve ever been – 22st 1/2lb.  I’m not proud of it, and there are no excuses.  I do have certain things that mean I gain weight easily, but I am learning not to blame those, but rather take responsibility for it myself.  I’m trying hard to stick to the plan, some days are better than others, but the main thing is I’m trying.

For those who don’t know, Slimming World is really easy to follow and advocates a healthy and balanced diet.  The basics are to make your food intake up of 1/3 superfree food and 2/3 free food – as much as you need to satisfy your hunger.  Superfree food is most fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables, and free food includes things like meat, fish, eggs, pasta, rice, potatoes and pulses (and more!).  You then get a calcium-based and a fibre-based healthy extra every day; I usually use my calcium one for cheese as I don’t like milk very much, and my fibre one for cereal bars, which make great snacks.  Anything which doesn’t fall into these groups needs to be counted in a daily syn allowance, of which you get between 5 and 15 (I usually use my syns for chocolate or crisps).  I chose SW as I find it really easy to follow, and I enjoy cooking from scratch – I think it would be much more difficult if I relied on processed or convenience food.

In my first SW meeting, my leader Kerry told myself and the other new starter (who sadly didn’t return) that sticking to the guidelines could mean losing half a stone in the first week.  I really took this to heart, kept it in mind every time I wavered, and got an 8lb loss in the first week, followed by 2lb and then 2 1/2lb.  This means that if I manage a 1 1/2lb loss at my weigh-in on Wednesday I will have reached my first stone.  This was also my first target – I wanted to lose 1 stone before my birthday at the end of July.  I can’t focus too much on my final goal, it seems too far away at the moment.  I’m working at it, and slowly but surely the weight is going to come off.  Altogether I hope to lose just over 11stone.  Scary, right?  So for now, I’m just thinking of that 1 1/2lb.