I’m sure the dieters out there will empathise when I say that I seem to have lost my healthy eating mojo. I’m feeling quite tired and lethargic, and I’m craving all the sorts of things I should moderate. I am trying hard not to succumb – although I did have a vanilla slice this morning (yum) which I included in my syns.

I think partly to blame is the heat, which has conspired with my grumpy boyfriend to prevent me having over 5.5 hours sleep a night since Saturday, but I know that I have to accept my share of the blame as well. Gosh, this blogging business is quite cathartic isn’t it?! I went to my weigh-in last week, but I couldn’t stay to the class. I think the classes are really important, I am lucky that my group is quite friendly and supportive, and it helps to give me the motivation for the next week. My next session is this evening, and I’m not sure how I’ve done, I’ll post back when I know. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

The moral of this very brief post is, for me, that I will be staying to the group session tonight, and tomorrow will begin a fresh week for me.