In the spirit of getting back on track and trying new things, I got my Zumba head on this morning. My friend has been kind enough to loan me her Zumba DVD set while she is on holiday, so I thought I’d give it a go.

Now, I love dancing, but I’m not exactly well known for my coordination, in fact my clumsiness is legendary. I was wondering how I would fare with this, as I am not very fit at the moment either. The set in question has a number of discs, with various workouts on offer. I have tried about 20 minutes of the Beginner disc, and the full 20 minutes of Zumba Flat Abs.

The Beginner disc seems very good from what I’ve seen so far. It breaks Zumba into styles and then teaches key moves for each style. These are shown slowly at first, then faster with arm movements added and then at full speed. Some of the moves are quite hard work in you’re very out of shape, like I am, but the slower bit on the next move offers some respite. This disc is taught by a female dancer, rather than Beto Perez himself. She is very enthusiastic, and has a figure to envy/inspire. It is an hour long, but 20 minutes was enough for me – I’ll work on building my stamina up.

Zumba Flat Abs is quite strenuous, I definitely found muscles I didn’t think were there any more. I could feel that I had worked them afterwards, but I didn’t find it too much. It is 20 minutes long, I would have found longer to be too much for the moment. It is led by Beto Perez, who gets his washboard stomach out partway through. This might be a draw for some, but didn’t really do it for me!

These DVDs are a lot of fun, I’m glad I’ve tried Zumba. I wouldn’t pay the fifty-ish pounds it is on Amazon, but I might splash out on a couple of the individual discs on eBay. I have heard a few people say that you don’t need coordination to do Zumba, but I dispute this, I know I will need plenty practice to keep up – some of the moves are tricky. I don’t think I’d go to a class for now though, no one needs to see my attempts at dancing!

How I look doing Zumba

How I look doing Zumba