I don’t know about you, but I find the weekends the hardest time to stick to a healthy eating plan.  Away from the routine of the working week, and without the restrictions on my eating at work (I have to eat whatever I’ve taken with me, and find some things difficult to eat while I’m working), all those good intentions have to do battle with the naughty imp in my head saying “oh go on, you deserve a treat.”

It’s not just the routine and restrictions that make the weekdays easier, but also the company.  I work in an office of six women, of which only one is not actively trying to lose weight.  We help and encourage each other through the week and, needless to say, we don’t have an office biscuit tin.  At home it is more difficult, at least for me.  My boyfriend is one of those fortunate people who can eat whatever they want without gaining any weight, and in fact is hungrier than most people.  He has been out for the day today, and had battered sausage and chips for lunch from the chip shop, and when he came home he had two rounds of thick white toast with butter.  Not exactly the ideal eating companion when the imp is trying his weekend techniques.

As it is, I am very motivated at the moment.  I have spent the whole day active in a fit of spring cleaning, so I’ve hardly thought about snacking, and I took advantage of only having to consider myself at lunchtime and had a plate full of salad with tikka chicken pieces, followed by melon and strawberries.  (I have also had a Freddo, but I checked my syns first!)  Quick, easy and delicious.  Planning has been a huge help, so tomorrow I’m having a barbecue for lunch, with syn-free cheesy burgers – they are the new thing I’m trying this week and they sound amazing.  If I’m not too busy enjoying the sun I’ll report back then.

Happy weekend everyone!

Weekend Face