I may only have been following Slimming World for a few weeks, but I am already starting to feel the benefits of my new, healthier lifestyle. I know I have a long way to go, but I’m still feeling really positive, and a post for me to look back on will be really helpful I think, when I have those times that I will inevitably find more difficult.

The benefits I’m feeling are both physical and emotional. Physically, I’m finding it easier to move about, I’ve had fewer aches in my back and knees – as much as I hate to admit it, my size has been causing problems for a while. I don’t get out of breath as quickly, and I can do more. Generally, I feel and look healthier; my skin is clear, and my hair and nails are in great condition. Emotionally, I am also feeling the benefits. I am taking medication to combat depression, but I think the changes to my diet and activity levels are helping with this too. I feel more confident, just starting on this journey has given me a boost, and more hopeful or optimistic about my future.

So with all these benefits, I almost feel like I’ve been on holiday or something – I have much more of a sense of wellbeing. I have written this post to help me remember how I’m feeling right now if and when I have days which are more difficult. Hopefully if others out there are losing weight, this might inspire them to focus on the benefits they are feeling too.