The salsa I’m referring to is the dance, not the dip. Although, if you’re looking for a salsa recipe, you could do much worse than this one from the Hairy Bikers, which is great with chicken and fat free yoghurt in a wholemeal pitta or wrap. Oh, I’ve got distracted already! Salsa dancing is another fun way to get some exercise. I may have mentioned before how much I love to dance, even though I’m horrendously uncoordinated, but I am a firm believer that exercise should be something to enjoy not endure.

The salsa I do is a Rosemary Conley DVD called Slim and Salsacise. Although I’m following Slimming World rather than going to a Rosemary Conley class, I do find her exercise DVDs really helpful, and this is no exception. The DVD is broken into three parts, basically beginner, intermediate and advanced, which are 15, 20 and 30 minutes long respectively. Up until today I have been doing the first section only – this is quite gentle and is for learning the steps. I used to do the advanced, but sadly I have had to start from scratch and build my fitness back up. This morning I have done parts 1 and 2, and got a more challenging workout from it.

I do love this DVD, it was one of the best bargains I’ve ever had too – it was about £3 on Amazon, and I’ve certainly had my money’s worth. There are a few reasons I like it so much: firstly, as I’ve already mentioned it has different workouts for different levels. The moves are well-explained and choreographed, so it feels more like learning a dance routine than doing a workout. Rosemary Conley is encouraging without being patronising, and there is a section on healthy eating. The other participants are successful slimmers, and you can see their before and after pictures which can be quite inspiring. I’m very aware that I’m starting to sound like an advert for this DVD, so I’ll also mention the few things I dislike about it. First on the list is box steps. I have a few Rosemary Conley DVDs and box steps seem to feature on all of them. I don’t deny that they appear quite effective for leg toning, but I just don’t think they fit into a salsa workout. The other thing which irritates me is the other dancers. I have mentioned that these are people who have followed the Rosemary Conley programme, which is nice, but to be honest most of them, and one in particular, come across as very smug. On other DVDs these participants are there to demonstrate different levels of workout, but on this one they are all working at the same level.

All in all, I would recommend this, particularly for people just getting into regular exercise, as the three different sections mean that it is good for long term use. If nothing else, the cheesy music will make you smile!