So here’s the thing: I know it’s a new Slimming World week for me from today. I stayed to class last night, left feeling great and had a fairly healthy evening meal (no post-group takeaway for me!) but all day today I’ve felt really uninspired. I know after last night’s loss and hitting my first stone I should feel great, and raring to go. So what gives?

I don’t want to psycho-analyse myself too much, but I suspect part of the problem may be complacency – having reached that first goal my subconscious wants me to slack off and have a rest. I think that this is something I will need to overcome, even though it might be difficult, as too much complacency when I reach my final target will send me soaring back to where I started. Now I have left that weight behind I do not want to return to it: this is what I must continually remind myself of, until the new habits I am learning overcome the old ones I began to pick up in my teens.

Wow, even writing this post has helped make me a little more motivated, I guess it has improved my focus. I am not as motivated as last week, but determination will get me through the rest of the day and I’m sure things will improve tomorrow, and feel like less of a struggle.