When I went to weigh-in last night, I was really unsure of how I’d done – I was just hoping not to have gained anything. It seems that I’d done much better than I thought, and got a 2lb loss! That makes a total loss of 1st 2.5lb, and I’m finding that every loss helps to motivate me, which is great!

The last week has been really busy for me, and it has affected my eating habits – I have had more noticeable ‘good’ and ‘bad’ days than usual. I successfully negotiated a family barbecue/party without going over my syns allowance, only to follow up two days later with a PMT emergency which (obviously) made two bars of Dairy Milk completely necessary. I also made birthday cheesecake and pavlova for my office, and tasted more than I should have done while cooking. The only way I can explain the loss is to say that I knew I had gone over my allowance, so I tried to balance it out with more salad and fruit than normal.

This week, I am going to the seaside for a three day weekend, having a family meal for my birthday, and a movie and restaurant day with my boyfriend on the day itself, which is Tuesday. The plan then, is to do what SW called Success Express, which reverses the proportions of free and superfree foods and adds more calcium and fibre, on the other days this week as a balance, and hopefully I will still see a good result on next week’s weigh-in.

I am also going to try to post more often this week, even if they’re only brief, to keep my little blog up-to-date. And finally, I am going to keep this thought in my head this week: