I am writing this from the beautiful seaside town of Scarborough, where my Mum has taken me for a pre-birthday break. Anyone who has been to an English seaside resort will know these towns are fraught with danger for those eating healthily. Between full English breakfasts at all the B&Bs, ice cream, rock and fudge shops all along the sea front and traditional fish and chips, the potential for straying off plan is huge! So how am I going about sticking to SW’s guidelines? Well, in all honesty, I’m not.

My plan for this week has, for some time, been to do SW’s short term Success Express on Thursday, Monday and Wednesday, and allow myself to have what I want for the three days I’m away, and on Tuesday as that’s my actual birthday. In a revised version of this plan, the only day where I’m having what I what without worrying is actually today. Yesterday, I ate quite lightly and chose low calorie and fat options when I could. Tomorrow and Tuesday, I intend to stick to plan, and factor in syns for my holiday and birthday treats. I have reached a surprising conclusion, that I don’t actually need to eat loads of high calorie food to enjoy myself.

Whilst I have enjoyed having the freedom to pick exactly what I wanted today, I have a confession to make… I have missed it so much, that the thing I’ve picked for dinner from the whole hotel menu is chicken salad. Perhaps the changes I’m making are becoming permanent.