I am back from my holiday, my birthday is over and everything is back to normal. There was apparently some discussion at work yesterday about whether I’d be back on track today, or if I’d carry on in holiday mode until after my weigh-in tonight. They were surprised to discover (although you may not be, owing to the title of my post) that not only am I back on track, but I have stuck to my plan of doing Success Express today, so my space in the fridge is filled with salad and fruit.

After the meeting, I am going to be doing a meal plan and then picking up some healthy shopping. I am quietly (or not so quietly since I’m writing about it) proud of myself for getting back into the swing of things, and pleased to notice that while I’ve been having treats this week I have missed my usual healthy fare. Hopefully this is going to mark a turning point in my attitude towards food, and healthy food will become my norm whilst treats remain just that.