This is my first Slimming World week where I haven’t kept a food diary, and to be honest I am finding it much more difficult. I think it is quite hard to remember exactly what I have eaten, and that is when extra syns start to sneak in – particularly if you are like me and nibble and pick on little bits.

So how much attention do we really pay to what we are eating? I have discovered this week that if I’m not making a special effort to record it, the answer is not much. How often do we have a snack that we don’t remember later? Yesterday I had a Freddo chocolate bar about mid-morning, but in the evening I found myself reaching for another – my awareness was so much lower that I’d almost convinced myself I hadn’t had the first one. All it takes is a few situations like that for a weight loss to become a gain.

And what about how our food is produced? I actually don’t eat much processed food – I prefer to cook my meals from scratch. But I have many friends who regularly eat ready to cook items, or even ready meals. I find that quite scary, there are so many additives in that kind of food, which surely can’t have a good effect on the human body. I know many people eat these when they are dieting, and they could probably easily tell me the calorie and fat content, but that is not the only important factor for a healthy lifestyle.

I really need to pull myself together – I am going to do Success Express again for a couple of days until my next meeting and then ask for some more food diaries. Hopefully then I will keep better track of what I’m eating and go back to the can-do mentality I had before!