Since I am struggling a little with motivation at the moment (it really seems to come in waves!) I thought it might be helpful to consider some of the benefits, health or otherwise, that losing my first stone and a bit has given me.

1. Confidence – although my confidence levels still aren’t that high, just working on losing weight and reaching those first couple of targets has really helped me feel better about myself. This is also affecting my daily life so I’m not as self-conscious as I was.

2. Back pain – I was starting to suffer from lower back pain when I walked any distance, which of course made exercise problematic. I know that this was caused by the weight I am and was carrying, but I am now finding it much less frequent.

3. Tiredness – I was suffering from chronic tiredness, which was obviously affecting my daily life. I believe this was from spikes and slumps in my blood sugar levels from eating too much refined food, and from having low levels of vitamins and minerals. Now that I am eating a healthy, balanced diet, this has greatly improved. I am also sleeping better as I am getting more exercise, meaning my body is able to repair itself.

4. Mental health – I suffer from chronic depression, and before I started on Slimming World it had become quite bad. I won’t say that improving my health has miraculously cured this, but I do think that a balanced diet, the endorphins released in regular exercise, and the other benefits above have helped to improve this so it is now at a manageable level, and I am feeling much more hopeful about my future.

5. Skin, hair and nails – although I am naturally quite lucky with these, I have seen a definite improvement over the last 8 weeks – my hair is thick and shiny, my nails are strong with a good colour to them, and my skin is the clearest and most radiant I’ve ever seen it.

6. Digestion – This may be too much information, but I have suffered from IBS in the past. I have discovered that sticking to a healthy and nutritious diet, with plenty fresh fruit and veg and fibre has helped with this a great deal, meaning that I feel generally better in myself and have fewer stomach pains.

I know that sticking with SW will mean even more positives in the future, there are many that I’m looking forward to – which may be the topic for another post. I will keep revisiting this one, and I’ll do an updated one when I reach another target.Image