In the interests of trying new things, and Slimming World ways of recreating my favourite ‘junk’ foods, last Friday I cooked myself a Smash pizza, as recommended by some of the regulars at my group. It’s very simple to do, and nice and filling, and best of all free on SW! In case anyone doesn’t know what Smash is, it’s instant mashed potato which comes in a dry powder and you make up with boiling water. I actually don’t really like mashed potato, but Smash seems to be an ingredient in a lot of SW group recipes so I have got some in.

To make Smash pizza, add boiling water to Smash powder slowly, mixing well to form a dough-like mixture. Unfortunately the instructions I was given weren’t any more specific than that, so I guessed the amount needed for a pizza base and hoped for the best. I was also confused initially, as for some reason I was expecting a bread-type dough – you are looking to make the mixture to the texture of pastry dough.

Press the mixture out onto a pizza tray (the ones with holes are best) sprayed with low-calorie cooking spray. Bake in a pre-heated oven for 10 minutes (I did mine at gas mark 6, but I think a bit hotter might have been better). Add your toppings – I used tomato puree mixed with garlic and herbs, topped with grilled bacon, turkey, peppers and mushrooms, and added 30g grated cheddar which is a SW healthy extra. Bake for a further 20 minutes and serve with salad.

The verdict? Not the same as a real pizza, but an excellent substitute! As the recipe is so vague it might take a few tries to get it perfect – one tip I’ve been given since is to turn it over before adding the toppings, which I will do next time. Definitely worth a go if you’re a pizza fiend like me!