Well I went to my weigh-in last night hoping for a 1lb loss, to reach my 1.5 stone award. I was quietly confident after all my exercise and eating well since the meeting on Saturday.

Try then, if you will, to imagine my disappointment and horror when I got on the scales to discover a 2lb gain! This was the first week where the results have been completely different to what I expected. I have had weeks where I’ve done well, and had a big loss, and weeks where I know I’ve strayed and seen a slight gain. Heck, I’ve even had weeks where I’ve been s bit unsure but still found I lost a little weight.

We had a discussion about this in my group, and a few different people said they think my new exercise regime could be to blame. They said that when you begin exercising regularly, your muscles retain more water (fat turning directly to muscle is an urban myth) and so it appears that you have gained weight, even though you may still be burning fat. My muscles, especially in my thighs are noticeable solid, so this may be correct, I hope so anyway. It won’t make me give up the gym, I enjoy it far too much and the benefits are extensive, beyond weight loss. If these people in my group are right, once the water dissipates I will have a much bigger weight loss than usual. Fingers crossed!

So I’m going into a new week with almost a righteous anger – I do deserve a good loss next week and I’m damn sure I’m going to get one!