One of the things I love about Slimming World is that no foods are banned, the point of the plan is moderation. With this in mind, I thought I’d compile a little list of my favourite SW snacks for inspiration.

1. Fruit. Most fruits are considered to be superfree foods on SW, and so you can eat as much as you need. I like grapes, cherries and berries for picking at at work, bananas when I’m feeling a bit more hungry, mango for a treat and pineapple after a meal. I try to vary when I have, too many apples would be dull in my opinion. Fruit is good when you want something sweet, or if you want to take the edge of your hunger until your next meal.

2. Pistachios. I love pistachios, so imagine my excitement when I found out that SW had been re-vamped a while ago, and pistachios had become a healthy extra! You get 28 as a healthy extra for fibre, which is actually quite a lot – and they take ages to eat because of the shells. I assume you are supposed to have plain ones, but I guess if you wanted to liven them up you could try adding spices. I love them as they are though.

3. Cooked Meats. Sad but true: occasionally you will find me in front of the fridge eating ham or chicken straight from the packet. It’s quick, easy and filling – a perfect savoury snack!

4. Babybel. I love cheese, I really do. I don’t have milk very often in my diet, so for my calcium-based healthy extra I quite often have some kind of cheese. Babybels are great – you can have 2 original or 3 light of the mini babybels, which is a surprising amount of cheese! I keep them in the fridge at work – they are individually wrapped and keep for ages so ideal emergency snack foods.

5. Savoury Rice. Yum yum! My favourite is the golden one, I can eat it hot or cold, and I love it with roast chicken. I don’t know which of the others are free on SW, but I think they’re all quite low (the same is not true of supernoodles which have a lot of syns in apparently.)

6. Cadbury Freddos. Sometimes it just has to be chocolate. I freely admit to minor chocoholism, and I find it easier to have a little bit of chocolate when I fancy it than to resist and end up with a giant bar! I prefer freddos over other mini chocolate bars as they are chunky – they feel more substantial than thinner bars. At only 5 syns each, I can get carried away and even have two or three within my daily allowance.

7. Smash Bhajis. There is a post on its way to you about Smash, which will have the recipe for these. They are delicious and filling as a savoury. snack, and can be eaten hot or cold.

8. Graze Boxes. These are boxes of healthy snacks which are sent by post – I get mine sent to work fortnightly, but you can get them more often if you prefer. You can tailor the boxes to your own tastes, and there is usually a. good variety in each one – the boxes have four different snacks in. I have never yet had a snack from Graze that went over my daily syn allowance, and I feel virtuous using my syns on foods t hat are healthy in other ways. For more information, visit, and if you would like a free box enter the code 5JNVQTGD at the prompt.

9. Sherbet Dipdabs. This one’s a bit of a blast from the past! Until I started Slimming World, I hadn’t had one of these for many years. I’ve got a new love of them since I discovered what fantastic sweets they are for someone losing weight. They are under 100 calories, and last for ages – perfect for a long afternoon at work or an evening at the cinema.

10. Krispy Kremes. Yes, really. They are neither low fat nor low calorie, but if you want something decadent there are a number of varieties you can fit into a SW plan – as long as you are prepared to restrict it to one doughnut! I had one on Saturday, and used all of my syns for it, but after four days of craving one it was soooo worth it! Everything in moderation.

So there you have it, some of my regular snacks and a few special treats. I hope I have inspired you, and maybe shown that a weight loss plan doesn’t have to mean no treats.