Today I have reached the conclusion that the very act of doing a workout automatically affects how you look – and straight away. I know that exercising has long term positive effects on both health and appearance, but I’d never realised before how obvious the short term effects from each workout could be.

I went for my morning gym and swim combo this morning. I sweat a lot at the gym, which isn’t really a great look for me, and I always feel a bit gross until I shower. Then I dry my hair quickly and style it and put makeup on later, when I get to work. I am not really used to being “checked out” by men anymore, but this morning I couldn’t believe how much attention I got! Nothing has really changed since yesterday – I noticed my figure is gradually changing, but that’s definitely not an overnight thing.

Then it struck me. After a workout a few things are different about me. Firstly my muscles are a little more noticeable as they have just been used, which I guess could have a flattering effect. Second, I definitely have a post workout glow, and as I’m normally quite pale I think that makes me look much healthier. Finally, exercising always boosts my mood, which I believe is down to the release of endorphins, and gives me confidence, as I am pushing myself to improve the way I feel and look. I believe self-confidence is one of the most powerful feelings in the world. No matter how I look, even without makeup, a confident and happy expression makes me feel more attractive. That is a feeling I haven’t experienced for a while, and it’s made me feel great all day.