To the charming ladies (using the term quite loosely) who enhanced my gym experience yesterday,

I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your frank and uninhibited discussion of my physical appearance while I was using the gym last night. Blonde Lady, when your friend nudged you and you both turned around to stare and laugh, I had hoped that that would be the end of it, but seemingly my use of the cross trainer held great attraction for you, since you kept turning to watch me. Sorry that you almost fell over though, that must have been embarrassing for you, particularly in front of the attractive man you were so hoping to impress with your witticisms. Incidentally, thank you to the gentleman in blue who chose not to partake in the discussion these females were having.

So, back to you Blonde Lady and Dark-haired Lady (BL and DL). Firstly, kudos on your intelligent observations: yes, I am overweight, thanks for noticing. DL, it has been many years since I’ve seen someone puff out their cheeks and hold their arms from their sides to indicate an overweight person, I think I was actually in a playground the last time I witnessed it. I do so enjoy mature humour.

Perhaps you are under the impression that my weight means that I was unable to see or hear you. Perhaps you thought that overweight people don’t have feelings, or even that their feelings don’t matter. I am here to tell you that you are wrong. I could hear you and see you (by the way, there is a blacklight in there; DL you may want to avoid white underwear next time). I do have feelings and they could have been very hurt by what you were saying and doing. In fact, had this happened when my depression has been at its worst, your actions could have had terrible consequences. You are obviously too ignorant to consider that your behaviour can and does affect others; at your age (which I estimate as about 24) you are certainly old enough to know better. To address just a couple of points. I’m sure that my jiggling about on the cross trainer isn’t pretty, so here’s an idea – stop watching and pay attention to your own workout, that way you might avoid stumbling on the treadmill in future. You discussed why someone “that fat” is at a gym. Well, this may come as a surprise to you, but I go to the gym to help me lose weight and get fit. That may sound radical to a pair who go there to chat, look at guys and bully other patrons, but that is actually what gyms are for. Exercise. Look it up.

Just because I am overweight does not mean that I have any less right to be there than you. I could also point out that I was there for longer than both of you put together, I worked harder and faster. I am no Olympian but I’m by no means unfit anymore. I am working hard to change my weight, it will take a lot more hard work to change your terrible attitudes.

I am the fat girl you’re mocking. I’m working to change myself. You should try it sometime.


An actual human being, just like you.