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October 2013

Weekly Weigh-In Results 30th October 2013

A quick post here since it's after midnight and I'm knackered! Despite going over my syns yesterday when I submitted to my chocolate craving, I have lost a respectable 2lb this week, making a total loss of 1 stone 9... Continue Reading →


Saturated Fat: Scapegoat?

In the news this weekend, I have heard repeatedly that a number of UK companies have signed up to a "responsibility deal" with the government, and pledged to cut saturated fat in certain of their products.  There is a brief... Continue Reading →

Small Steps For Big Changes

You already know that I was disappointed with my result on Wednesday night.  I have thought it through, and read some of the lovely (and ego-boosting!) comments from people who read that post, and decided that I'm happy enough with... Continue Reading →

Huge Disappointment

I know I said in my post the other day that all I really wanted this week was to lose enough weight to get my 1 1/2 stone award, but it turns out that wasn't strictly true.  I got on... Continue Reading →

Weekly Weigh-In Results 23rd October 2013

It was my weekly weigh-in last night, the session was absolutely packed out this week, no idea why! I lost 1.5lb, meaning that I finally finally got my 1 1/2 stone award! The group seemed very mixed as a whole,... Continue Reading →

Can I Tell You A Secret?

Today when I drifted into fantasy land (on my lunchbreak of course, I wouldn't drift off at work!) I did not go into any of my usual realms. Gone were the fantasies of shoes I wish I owned, away with... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Foods

When I started thinking of what to write in this post (believe it or not I do think about it instead of just typing whatever nonsense my brain thinks is appropriate at the time), I thought about the way different... Continue Reading →

Trying New Things And Going Meat-Free

Just to clarify, I am not a vegetarian. I respect other people's right to be one but it just isn't for me. Having said that, I do think it's a good idea to have a meat-free day every so often.... Continue Reading →

Awesome Week, Awesome Weekend

Yes, really. After that weigh-in on Wednesday I figured I had two options. Option A - Give up, ignore how far I've come, focus on how far there is still to go and reconcile myself to being overweight forever and ever,... Continue Reading →

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