Yes, really. After that weigh-in on Wednesday I figured I had two options.

Option A – Give up, ignore how far I’ve come, focus on how far there is still to go and reconcile myself to being overweight forever and ever, with all the health implications and lifestyle restrictions that go with that.

Option B – Pick myself up, dust myself off and throw myself back into healthy eating and exercise, remembering how well I’ve done, how much better I feel and most importantly that I deserve to feel that good.

Guess which I picked?

I am having a fantastic week, I haven’t done much in the gym but I’ve done LOADS of swimming and really improved my times and stamina – I could be on for one of the Great Swims next year, or maybe even the British Heart Foundation Pier to Pier, which is nearly twice as long – 1.8 miles, but would mean so much more to me (I did a Great Swim a couple of years ago which was amazing, but I want to push myself to do more!)  I have stuck to my Slimming World guidelines and followed my own meal plan 100%, not even a cheeky bit of cheese when I was cooking!  I can honestly say that I feel fantastic about myself, which may have been helped by my new haircut (see my other blog at if you care about my hair), and my giving myself a talking to on Thursday.

Yesterday was perhaps the best day of the week so far.  I often struggle to stick to plan on a weekend, being out of routine and usually having forgotten something vital when I went shopping.  But I woke up quite early (not on purpose, my body clock was obviously keen for me to get up), went to Asda in hope of a new swimming costume (they are like gold dust this time of year) and picked up some fruit and veg.  Incidentally I went to the one in the big shopping centre near my house, which was really weird – I’ve never seen the centre empty before, but I was pre-9.00!  Then I went and did a decent session in the gym, followed by 60 lengths in the pool (don’t get excited, it’s a small pool), which was 10 up from Friday.  And then I did some batch cooking for my lunches over the next couple of weeks.

I made khichri, which is apparently the forerunner of kedgeree; it is a spicy dish of rice and yellow split peas and when I tried it it was delicious, so I’ll be doing that again.  The main spices as far as I remember were cinnamon stick, whole cloves, cumin seeds and cardamom pods initially, and then fresh garlic and ginger, and finally ground turmeric (which I managed to avoid staining anything with, which was a nice change!)  I also made aubergine stuffed with spicy minced lamb, but I didn’t follow the spice list closely, so it is a little spicier than intended – I will be making a yoghurt dressing to go with it!  And finally I braised a whole red cabbage.  I go through loads of this in winter, I have adapted my grandmother’s Danish recipe to make it more health-conscious, and it is my favourite vegetable dish.  I had to adapt it fairly noticeably, as my Granny is of the opinion that you can never use too much butter.  Her recipe involves butter, red wine, red wine vinegar, sugar and seasoning.  Mine uses a small amount of low fat spread, balsamic vinegar, artificial sweetener and a splash of red wine, and I can’t really tell the difference since the flavourings are so strong.  For last night’s dinner (while I was on a roll) I made slow-cooked beef in Guinness, which is really easy but seems like it shouldn’t be!

Inspired by the blog at, I am going to try and find some kind of toning exercise to do this afternoon, and then I’m going to reward my hard work with a bath!

I do feel a bit like I’m chugging uphill sometimes, but when I get my head working properly the healthy lifestyle comes so easily.  I hope this mindset lasts for me!