Today when I drifted into fantasy land (on my lunchbreak of course, I wouldn’t drift off at work!) I did not go into any of my usual realms. Gone were the fantasies of shoes I wish I owned, away with the thoughts of Christmas (I start early!) and no Johnny Depp whisking me away to a sun-drenched beach. Instead, I thought about how much I want to lose weight, and how fantastic it would be to even be nominated as Slimming World Woman of the Year 2014. I don’t think winning is feasible, but, you know, a trip to the ball would be nice. But even if I didn’t get that far, just being nominated by my group would be wonderful. I’d love to inspire others by what I’m doing, and getting a nomination would show that I had. Having said that, all I really want this week is my stone and a half award – thoughts of other awards can wait!