I know I said in my post the other day that all I really wanted this week was to lose enough weight to get my 1 1/2 stone award, but it turns out that wasn’t strictly true.  I got on the scales last night, knowing that I’d had a great week, I’d stuck to plan 100%, and I could expect great things.  Imagine then how my face fell when I saw a 1 1/2 lb loss on the scales.  I know lots of people would be thrilled with that, but with so much weight to lose I have usually found that if I stick to the plan I lose 3, 4 or even 5lb in a week.  So even though I got this
Dudley-20131024-00175I was really disappointed.  And I shouldn’t be.  I’ve worked hard this week, got my head back into gear and I’ve been feeling great about myself.  I even did the full walk from work to class (just over a mile, mostly uphill) without stopping or even really feeling out of breath, and had time to spare, instead of rushing in coated in sweat like a few weeks ago.

But the numbers on the scale can affect how you feel – even if you know you’re fitter, healthier, living better and in it for the long haul, if the numbers on the scale don’t fit then it can be really disheartening.  I had a lovely chat with my Consultant after group, and she praised how well I know the plan (always a nice ego boost) and agreed that she would have expected a bigger loss this week.  I felt a bit stupid, I was almost crying with a decent weight loss, but she was very understanding.  So this week, I am doing an SAS (Slimmers Against Sabotage) log, which is a daily food diary, more in depth than usual, with a planner on the back for the next day.  I have to focus on what I’m pleased with, and use it to find my weak spots and help to tackle those.  I will be making time to do this every day so I can really focus on it, and hopefully I will see a better loss next week.  Maybe even Slimmer of the Week – I haven’t had one of those yet!

Thanks for listening to my rambles, and especially to those who’ve been leaving me lovely comments recently, it’s so good to know that people out there are reading and understand!  Onwards and downwards!