As some of you know I have recently changed jobs.  When I started my new job last week, one of the first things I heard about was an upcoming party that was being organised, to celebrate a company anniversary and Christmas together.  The party is tonight; it is a set menu with an open bar for wine, beer and soft drinks.  In short, there is a lot of potential for this week’s planned weight loss to turn into a gain.  Here’s how I will be dealing with it.

Eat Light The Rest of the Day – Yes, still eat, I don’t want to be starving when I get there, but I’m going to eat mostly salad, fruit and lean protein.  This isn’t the kind of thing I would advocate to do all the time, but it will help to balance out tonight’s (presumably rich) meal.

Make Good Choices – I’m working on the assumption here that the plates will arrive with the meat and stuffing already served and the rest on the table.  This means that I can fill up on veg and just have a small amount of the other things – like roast potatoes – which will also mean that I won’t feel that I’m missing out.

Don’t Go Overboard – Just because it’s a party does not mean that I am obliged to over-indulge, and stuffing my face will just mean that I feel guilty tomorrow.  The same applies to alcohol.  I don’t drink much usually – I think I drank so much when I was a student that it’s lost its sparkle for me!  A couple of glasses of wine is enough for me, and then I’ll stick to soft drinks.  I’m aware that I probably sound quite boring, but I have come to believe that you don’t need to drink to have a good time (or make a fool of yourself, I can do that successfully when I’m sober as well!)

Only Indulge In What I Actually Like – For example, I’m really not that bothered about Christmas pudding – so why eat it?  I’d prefer to have an extra roast potato personally!

Enjoy Myself – I don’t plan to spend the whole evening worrying about what I’m eating and drinking, the point of the party is to have fun with my boyfriend and my new colleagues, so that’s what I’m going to do!

Hopefully I will be able to stick to this plan of action – I’ll report back tomorrow on how well it worked for me!