As you know, last night was my work’s Christmas party, and I was a little concerned about how that would affect my weight loss this week. Now it’s over, I can safely say that I stuck to it, and it made no difference to my enjoyment of the evening. Here’s what I had:

Starter – spicy tomato soup and wholemeal roll (it was a little too spicy for me, so I only managed half of it – I picked which bread to have and didn’t have any butter) – this wasn’t creamy or greasy, so I think reasonably safe for Slimming World-ers

Main Course – as expected, turkey and all the trimmings. My boyfriend doesn’t really do veg, so I had his (except the sprouts, ugh) and he had my roast potatoes and pig in a blanket. So far so good.

Dessert – chocolate and Cointreau mousse with satsuma segements. I could have said no if it was Christmas pudding, but I just couldn’t say no to this! It was delicious, but really really rich, so I only managed half of it. A marked improvement on my former self who would have forced the lot down regardless.

Drinks – two glasses of red wine, two Diet Cokes and a glass of water. I had as much alcohol as I planned – and I even checked the markings on my wine glass! And, judging by the state of some of my colleagues today, I am one of a restrained minority.

I had a great night, I danced and got to know my colleagues a bit better. And I won the hotel’s prize draw – I got a choice of prizes and picked 2 three-month leisure passes for their gym and pool, which I’ll start when my gym membership is up! (The other options were champagne or a Sunday dinner for 4.). So all in all, a wonderful evening and I stuck to plan, so no regrets either!