I went and weighed in last night with a certain amount of trepidation. Having stuck to plan so well the previous week and being disappointed, I was only hoping that the gain from my long weekend away would be limited to a pound or less. I was pretty chuffed then, when I weighed in the same as last week. It looks like the previous week’s hard work has caught up, and getting straight back on plan after the weekend has done some damage limitation for me. I am aiming to get my 2 stone award before Christmas – 2 weigh-ins and 3 1/2lb to go!
It’s funny I have had the same results two weeks running, but completely different attitudes towards them. I guess it just depends how you look at it. Last week I built it up in my head that I would get a good result and was annoyed because I felt like I’d failed. This week I was only hoping for the best and am happy to have got back on track. It’s all a question of perspective.