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January 2014

Weekly Weigh-in Results 22nd January 2013

I am trying to catch up with my blog posts this weekend after a busy and stressful 10 days, so I will keep this one quite short... I weighed in on Wednesday night, and unfortunately I had gained a pound.... Continue Reading →


Interval Training For The Uninitiated (That’d Be Me Then)

If you read this post you will remember that a while before Christmas I enlisted the help of a personal trainer for a training programme to get ready for the Great North Swim. I am just coming to the end... Continue Reading →

Weekly Weigh-in Results 8th January & 15th January 2014

I know I know, I'm very far behind with my posts! I have lots in my head, they just haven't made it to the internet yet. I've been insanely busy over the last week or so, and the fact that... Continue Reading →

Weekend Away

I think I mentioned in a post last week that I was away for the weekend. It was my boyfriend's 30th so we had a couple of days in Gloucestershire, one visiting his family and one day out. I was... Continue Reading →

Weekly Weigh-In Results 2nd January 2014

I went to my post-Christmas weigh-in last night. Actually, truth be told, I was supposed to go on Wednesday like usual but I skipped it - guilty conscience! I don't think I was by any means the only one like... Continue Reading →

lessons learned, one sweaty day at a time

From an inspirational lady, I couldn't have put this any better.

New Years’ Resolutions

I have a friend and former colleague named Laura, who is notorious. Every new year she asks everyone what their resolutions are. She is usually looking for inspiration for her own. Now I think, if you can't think of one... Continue Reading →

Squats Are Evil!

If you have been here before, you will know that in December I decided I was going to do a one mile open water swim in 2014 and enlisted a personal trainer to help me. He gave me a dive... Continue Reading →

Weekly Weigh-in Results 23rd December 2013

Only a quick note for completeness, to say that in my Slimming World group just before Christmas I lost 1/2 a pound (not too sure how, but something worked for me!). This took me to exactly 2 stone off, and... Continue Reading →

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