I have a friend and former colleague named Laura, who is notorious. Every new year she asks everyone what their resolutions are. She is usually looking for inspiration for her own. Now I think, if you can’t think of one you probably won’t keep it, because you’re not concerned enough about it. Laura does usually break her resolution by mid-January, and I have never known her to give something up for the whole of Lent. (This is a stark contrast to a couple of months ago when she decided to go caffeine-free for four weeks, and managed so well that she carried it on!)

I haven’t made a resolution this year, mostly because I’m already working on changing the things I want to. If there’s something you’ve been thinking about doing, it can be great to start at New Year, drawing a line under what’s happened before, but you can make changes any time! I do admire the people who have a target to complete in a year – be it daily exercise or, like a friend of mine, a walking challenge (she aims to walk 1000 miles this year.) If, in three weeks, you suddenly think of the perfect change to make to your life, don’t wait next year. Carpe diem.

If you feel you absolutely must make a resolution for 2014, try this: live healthy, and focus on the positives in your life.

Happy New Year everyone!