If you have been here before, you will know that in December I decided I was going to do a one mile open water swim in 2014 and enlisted a personal trainer to help me. He gave me a dive day workout plan, which I started following just before Christmas.

Now here is my confession: I managed 2 days! Day 2 was squats, in six sets of 20 – or that was the aim! I actually made it to 78 in total before I admitted defeat and went for the swim to follow up. The next couple of days passed in a haze of stiffness, I didn’t make it to the gym – getting downstairs was bad enough!

I have gone back to the gym today, having suffered a total lack of enthusiasm while I was off work. I did day 4’s workout, as that is what I’ll usually do on a Thursday – lat pulldowns, chest presses and then a half mile swim.

I saw my trainer on my way out this morning, and asked him what to do about the pain after the squats. His exact words were “suck it up.” Allegedly, the pain should improve each time I do them, and doing more exercise, especially swimming, will help by stretching the muscles out. So now I’m back in the zone, and preparing myself for next week’s pain, sorry, workout.