I went to my post-Christmas weigh-in last night. Actually, truth be told, I was supposed to go on Wednesday like usual but I skipped it – guilty conscience! I don’t think I was by any means the only one like this – our group leader ran an additional weighing session from her own home yesterday for all those who missed the Wednesday one – and it was really busy!

So, down to business, over Christmas I gained 6 1/2 lbs! Wow, that seems even worse now I’ve seen it written down! There is no denying that I deserve to have gained weight although I didn’t expect it to be this much. I am glad I went and got it over with, and now I can move forward. I am hoping that this gain is mostly water and will come off again quickly now I’m back on track – even with a weekend away tomorrow to contend with – I am really motivated to get this weight off and be healthier.

Incidentally, I have just calculated that a steady 2lb loss each week would mean me getting my 6 stone award on my birthday week – something for me to aim for I think!