I think I mentioned in a post last week that I was away for the weekend. It was my boyfriend’s 30th so we had a couple of days in Gloucestershire, one visiting his family and one day out. I was a bit worried about how I could tackle this, as his mother is a great cook and was making a special dinner for him, but I decided I was motivated enough to stick to plan (with a little leeway). Here’s a quick rundown of my weekend:

Saturday morning: my boyfriend usually wants to go to McDonald’s for breakfast if we’re going on a long trip. Preparing for treats later, I opted for a banana and a yoghurt instead but told him we could still stop for his breakfast. Not the best compromise perhaps, but I didn’t want to go completely off track, making the excuse that we were away.
Saturday daytime: we arrived at my boyfriend’s parents’, and had lunch and a drink – I picked from the food available to get plenty salad and lean meat, and only a small amount of cheese and a wholemeal roll – usually I’d scarf down loads of cheese and home made ciabatta! I had an apple for pudding and made my gin and (slimline) tonic last most of the afternoon by topping it with more tonic water halfway through. I declined the chocolates each time they went round, mostly because I knew what dinner was going to be!
Saturday night: the big birthday dinner! My boyfriend’s mum did a great roast dinner of duck, roast potatoes, carrots, green beans and red cabbage. I stacked half my plate with veg, and had only one roast potato and a little gravy, and of course made sure the meat had no fat or skin. Finally, the bit I’d been waiting for – homemade lemon meringue pie! I love love love this, it was worth holding back elsewhere for a slice! I also had a small glass of wine with dinner and a handful of peanuts when we played poker afterwards, but I switched to diet soft drinks then.
I did go over my syns on Saturday but I was prepared to do that within reason, and staying in control then has definitely helped me.

Sunday morning: B&B cooked breakfast. This could have been a disastrous fry-up, especially if I’d drunk a lot on Saturday! As it was, I had grilled bacon, poached egg, baked beans, mushrooms and tomatoes – all free on SW and so filling! I also had a slice if toast and again opted for wholemeal so I could have it as a healthy extra choice. I went for a 20 minute walk after breakfast as well instead of sitting around waiting for my boyfriend to get ready!
Sunday daytime: we stopped in Tewkesbury on the way home, and had a lovely time looking round the abbey (currently situated next to a lot of flooding) and went for lunch at a lovely pub/hotel called The Bell across the road. I opted for steak, and had a gigantic salad with it instead of chips and onion rings, and then split a dessert. In contrast, he had a bacon cheeseburger and chips, with (honestly) a side order of macaroni cheese.
Sunday evening: we went to the cinema, I had a snack before we went and only a drink during the film.

Monday morning: a one mile swim and a lot of fruit and veg!

I hope this might be useful to anyone with weekends away coming up, if nothing else you get to see from this what kind of food I like!