I know I haven’t posted much recently, I can’t remember if I posted before that my computer has been out of action; but I was computer-free for 4 weeks and I have finally now got a beautiful new one which I love!
I’ve been going to a different SW group recently and basically messing about, I lost a pound on 1st Feb and regained it the following week. It takes a lot to admit this but I’ve been really struggling and there are a lot of things in my life that I’ve been very uncertain about which hasn’t helped.
But after the weighin on the 8th I decided to take control, on the grounds that the thing I am sure about is that I want to be fitter, healthier and thinner.
I started writing this post last week and I’ve had another weighin since, so I’m going to try and catch up a little this week. I’ve missed writing things down, I think it helps, and its nice to know there are others out there in the same boat!