I went to weigh in last night after a fantastic week. I stuck to plan (with the exception of a slice of chocolate fudge cake last Thursday), I drank plenty water – especially yesterday, I exercised. I even went to the cinema on Sunday night, and took with me an apple, 30g of Cheddar cheese (my healthy extra) and a Curly Wurly (from my syn allowance) – while I was surrounded by people with popcorn, sweets, jumbo hotdogs, ice cream etc etc etc. So I got on the scales last night, all excited to see my hard work pay off. I held my breath as the numbers flickered downwards… briefly. And then they flicked back up.
All that hard work and I stayed the same weight as I was last week! To say I was a little put out was putting it mildly!!
But I am well aware that there are a lot of factors that could have masked a weight loss. I definitely look and feel slimmer in certain places than I was a week ago (there is an area on my waist that is always first to lose noticeable inches). So while the version of me that was around 3 weeks ago would have said “sod it” and stuffed her face with pizza and chocolate all this week, this version of me is headed off to the gym, with fruit, yoghurt and salad in her bag for breakfast and lunch at work – and another portion of seven-speed curry planned for tonight!
Yes, I’m annoyed, but I’m channeling that into something positive, and keeping in mind that weight IS only a number – it’s the positive changes to my lifestyle that really count!