I meant to write this last night, but I was too tired to get to it! Yesterday was double workout day for me. I went to my usual gym in the morning and did:

Hip Adductor Machine – 4 sets of 15 at 90kg
Hip Abductor Machine – 4 sets of 15 at 70kg
Leg Press Machine – 4 sets of 15 at 140kg
Squats – 3 sets of 20
Swim – 20 minutes breaststroke

Then after work I went to the man gym for boxing, where Richard met me with a scary look on his face and went “Ok, circuits!” He took great pleasure in telling me what hard work it was going to be and how much other people had struggled with it before setting me off on a mini circuit. Now please bear with me, since I don’t know what any of it is called: I’m hoping one of my more athletic readers might translate for me! After my 1000m on the rowing machine to warm up I did:

Galumphing 3 steps sideways and then touching the floor, then repeat in the other direction.
Hands on a low (shin height) bar with my legs in a lunge type position, then jump (sort of) to switch legs.
Lifting a 5kg weight bag over my head and flinging it to the floor as hard as I can.

For a minute each, supposedly with a 20 second rest, but I needed longer ones unfortunately, and then repeat the full set.

I followed this up with 3 one-minute punchbag rounds.

This doesn’t sound like very much but it completely floored me. Richard and I were talking afterwards, and we both agreed that my fitness should now have improved to a point where I need less recovery time than I currently do. He recommended that I push myself a little harder when I do cardio, and I have to admit that I do go a little easy on myself when I exercise alone. But I am starting to realise that if I do that too much then my fitness will never improve.

I was exhausted when I cam home last night, but full of a great post-workout buzz. I don’t get that when I go to easy – maybe when I want to stop pushing myself I should try to remember how good the buzz feels! So, as I head off into day 7, that’s day 6/31 completed.

Push Yourself