After last night’s scary circuit/boxing hybrid, today could have gone one of two ways: I could have done some fairly gentle exercise for 30 minutes, feeling a little sorry for myself, or I could have gone with the idea that my fitness really does need to improve, and done some cardio. I went with the second option, and decided to push myself more than usual to really try to improve.
I did:
Rowing Machine – 5 mins, level 7
Cross Trainer – 10 mins, 1 min fast paced, 30 secs steady paced
Boxing – 12 mins, 6 x 1 min rounds with 1 min recovery
Treadmill – 12 mins, cross country (varying inclines) at 3.6mph
Rowing Machine – 5 mins, level 6

There was also going to be a stint on the recline bike, but my gym only seems to have one of those remaining, and it doesn’t work! So I did a longer go on the treadmill instead. I put in a lot more effort than usual, especially on the cross trainer and I could definitely feel my lungs working! I have post-exercise buzz now, even though my shoulders are aching from last night I could easily be persuaded back to the gym! Any other suggestions for cardio type things would be welcome, I’m trying to keep my workouts varied so I don’t lose interest! But for now I will happily say that day 7/31 is complete.