Tuesdays are my double workout days, and I love it! I was raring to go in the morning – and so were a lot of other people, I’ve never seen my gym so busy at 6.45am before! In the morning I repeated the workout I did last Tuesday but faffed with the weights a bit, so I did:
Hip Adductor Machine – 4 sets of 15, 2 at 90kg, 2 at 110kg
Hip Abductor Machine – 4 sets of 15 2 at 70kg, 2at 90kg
Leg Press Machine – 4 sets of 15 at 140kg
Squats – 3 sets of 20
Followed by a 25 minute swim, where I managed to do 3/4 mile! I was really happy with that time, that’s the fastest I’ve swum in ages!

Last night I went to boxing and was greeted by Richard’s scary smile again. He asked me to repeat the same interval training circuit I did last week, but with longer work periods and shorter rest periods. So, after my 1000m row warm-up, I did 45 second stints of:
Galumphing (Richard says he’d actually call it skipping)
Mountain climbers
Weight bag throw down thingies
with 30 second rests
1 minute rest (he actually let me have a slightly longer rest because I had turned puce)
Repeat with 55 second work periods and 25 second rests.
I got a 2 minute break then, and then did 5 1 minute rounds of punching (4 on the punchbag and 1 on pads) with 30 second rests.

Adding that up, it doesn’t come out to that much exercise, but believe me, I felt like I was going to keel over by the end. I spent a lot of the evening coughing, I think I may have overworked my lungs! And, not wanting to go into too much detail, I think that I may have dislodged the remaining tar from when I used to smoke (I quit nearly 4 years ago!!) which must, I suppose, be a good thing. Apparently I did much better that I did on the same circuit last week. I think that that is partly due to increased fitness, and partly due to a better attitude: I noticed that I used the word “can’t” far less often… perhaps I’m learning that even if I think I can’t I usually can. So with achy limbs, a raw-feeling windpipe and a better frame of mind, that was day 13/31 complete!