I’m sorry, I’d love to give you some kind of really inspirational, motivating answer here, maybe involving visualisation and life coaching skills. The answer (for me at least) however is simple. Just do it (insert Nike swoosh here).
This morning I woke up quite tired and achy after yesterday’s exercise extravaganza, and to be quite honest, all I really wanted was to go back to sleep, wake up gradually and go get a McDonald’s breakfast before work. However, I hauled myself out of bed, knowing that I’d made a commitment to exercise every day, forced both eyes open, got ready and headed off to the gym. Now I know that I probably subconsciously was aware of how much better I would feel afterwards, but it wasn’t something I focussed on. My aim was just to get it over and done with… not the best attitude to approach it with, but it worked for me. I gave it all the enthusiasm and effort I could muster and managed:
6 minutes rowing, level 7
4 minutes cross trainer, tabata intervals
5 minutes stairmaster, varying levels
10 minutes punchbag, making the rounds as long as I could and limiting my rests (no timer in that bit of the gym!)
10 minutes treadmill, cross country, 3.7mph

Only 35 minutes, but better than nothing – and I worked as hard as I could. So, with a little less enthusiasm than normal, but just as much effort, I can say that day 14/31 is done!