Because it’s Thursday (isn’t it? I’m a bit confused this week!) this morning was weights and more weights. I did something pretty similar to last week but I stepped up some of the weights and added a little more in (as you do.) So I did:
3 sets of 8 of:
Dumbbell bench press (8kg weights)
Single arm bent over rows (8kg weights)
Dumbbell Shoulder press (6kg weights)
Bicep curls (8kg weights)
Tricep extensions (6kg weights)
Lat pull downs (75kg weights)
Chest press (1 set of 30kg, 2 sets of 50kg)

Then I braved the man section (which is actually the mixed gender weights section, but I don’t normally go there), taking my PT with me for a little advice since I’ve noticed when I box that my left shoulder is feeling a little achy and weak, so I asked what I could do to strengthen it. He recommended 2 exercises, one on the cable machine and one with dumbbells. I don’t know what they are exactly (I’ll await someone knowledgeable and edit this after!) so here is a description:
1. Using the cable machine, with the cable pulled across and held in front of me (arm bent, with my elbow in to my side) pull the cable by rotating my arm outwards.
2. Using 2.5kg dumbbells, hold my arms out to the sides at shoulder height, with the elbows bent so my hands are in front of me, palms downwards. Rotate my arms to lift the dumbbells, keeping my elbows bent, then return to shoulder height, rotate in the other direction to lower them and return to shoulder height. I called this “flappy arms” but I think it may have another name…
I have to do 2 sets of 12 (minimum) of each of these. My descriptions are terrible, but hopefully that will ring a bell with someone!

I finished up with a 10 minute/20 length swim – I was running late because of the new weights, but altogether I did about 45 minutes, so I can safely say that day 15/31 is done!

Flappy Arms...
Flappy Arms…