Another joint post, since my weekend has been really busy again! Yesterday we went for another walk, which turned out to be a lot longer than expected, and today has been full of sunshine, housework, roast dinners and a (slightly disappointing) cinema trip.

Yesterday, we decided to go for another walk in the sunshine. We set off through the nature reserve and then onto a different bit of canal – there are a lot of canals where we live because the area was quite heavily mined in the 1800s – there are also a lot of pools which were formerly quarries. We got up close to some baby birds, and also saw a swan with her cygnets, but they weren’t keen to pose for us.

When we came to what we had intended to be nearly the end of our route – we would have looped round across our local park and home, we found a canal tunnel, which apparently didn’t look that long.
IMG-20140517-00064 We set off through it, and I have to say, it was pretty creepy. It was very dark, wet and completely devoid of other people. After a loooong time of feeling like that pinprick of light would never get any bigger, we finally started to see a little more daylight, and eventually (with very wet feet) came out into the bright sunshine. Sandwell-20140517-00066 Having been told that the tunnel wasn’t very long, we found the actual distance at the other end. Sandwell-20140517-00067 I don’t know about for walkers, but a website I found about the tunnel said that it is the longest cycleable tunnel in the UK. It was also the last canal tunnel to be built in the canal era, which I thought was quite interesting.
When we got to the other end and worked out where we were, we found we were about 3.7 miles away from home. So after a stop in the first pub we found for a drink, we walked back in about another hour. With a total of about 9 miles walked, that was definitely day 17/31 complete.

So that's a decent walk, the dotted lines are the tunnel!
So that’s a decent walk, the dotted lines are the tunnel!

Today was a busy sort of day; with lots of little tasks to get done, and trying to fit in some relaxation. Fitting in some exercise was a bit of a challenge. Eventually, I decided to fit it in whilst the roast was in the oven, but I had to do it in 2 sections, because of cooking timings. So I did:
20 minutes salsacise (not a major workout since it was the intermediate stage, which I find quite easy now.)
25 minutes yoga – this was the intermediate sun salute workout on the yoga DVD I did last week, and is a definite step up from last week’s workout; I found it quite challenging, but the stretching definitely did my legs some good after yesterday! So, with a semi-rest day, that’s day 18/31 also complete.