Last week I had a minor cashflow crisis, so I moved my PT session back a week so that was booked in for this morning. Forgetting all about that, I had to rearrange boxing due to the meal out at work on Tuesday (really that meal confused my whole week, I need time to prepare for these things!!) and without using my single working brain cell (I only have one left by Friday) I booked that in for – you guessed it! – this evening. I also had a later than usual night last night, so I’m functioning on around 5 hours sleep today. Fortunately, that tends to make me hyper until late evening when I start to get cranky and fidgety.
This morning then, I bounced into the gym, all happy, on time and raring to go. To be honest, Phil looked quite scared. Then he recovered and sent me off to warm up on the cross trainer (where I noticed that I was going faster than usual, but was less out of breath.) Worryingly, from the exciting height I reach on the cross trainer, I noticed a section cordoned off with a sign on: reserved for PT session. More worryingly, it contained a rower, a mat, a kettlebell and a step. I did a circuit of:

500m row, level 10 – aim for 2 mins 20s
15 press-ups
20 hill climbers
15 squats
20 kettlebell swings (no idea on the weight, I just know if I ever choose it myself it’s the yellow one!)
500m row, level 10 – aim for 2 mins 40s

I got a one-minute rest and then repeated the same circuit but aiming for 2mins 18s and then 2mins 30s on the rower.

Another one-minute rest and then:
10 kettlebell swings
5 second rest
10 kettlebell swings
6 second rest
10 kettlebell swings
7 second rest
10 kettlebell swings
8 second rest
10 kettlebell swings
9 second rest
10 kettlebell swings
1 minute rest
10 squats
5 second rest
10 squats
5 second rest
10 squats
(and a promise that if I did the squats fast and with no complaining (who me?!) that Phil wouldn’t ring/text Richard to report on me before my session tonight!)

Incidentally, I always think that kettlebell swings have the potential to be very painful for men… anyone else, or is it just me??

And then Phil showed me some stretches – he usually stretches me after PT sessions, but it seems he noticed that I don’t always ever stretch after my gym sessions (I usually swim instead, but apparently that’s no excuse.)

Then I went to Tesco and bought some lovely healthy stuff and ignored the chocolate aisle completely – I sometimes find after a big workout that I feel like I deserve something like that, even if I have no spare syns (like today) but I told myself that would negate the effects of the workout I’d just done and kept walking. And on to work, where I made sure to keep walking around, since squats make my thighs ache if I keep too still afterwards!

Straight after work I trotted down to the other gym for my session with Richard, which I was dreading, having worked really quite hard this morning. Despite my hoping, he didn’t go easy on me. After my 5-minute warm-up on the rower I did a circuit of:
Mountain climbers
Kettlebell swings (because it had been hours since I’d done those)
Galumphing (for anyone reading for the first time, this is actually side-stepping/skipping type movement, for 3 paces, touching the floor at each end.)

I did a minute of each with 20 second rests, a one minute rest and then repeated the circuit, but with an extra minute of kettlebells on the end.

After that, I did 4 one-minute rounds on the punchbag. This was a lot better than I did last week – after the circuit last week I felt too exhausted to put much energy into the boxing part, but today I felt less tired, and my technique had improved a lot as well. In fact, although I complained a lot (I went in with the wrong attitude I think, I felt quite negative), the whole workout felt easier than last week, and definitely much easier than the first attempt at a similar circuit. And both Phil and Richard praised me today, and how much I’ve improved – Richard even said that other people at his gym had commented on it (which is nice, but I prefer the idea that no one ever sees me!)

Having said that, I was quite relieved to get home and sit down with my book! Now I’m going to go and cook aubergine and mushroom curry for dinner and try to make my legs propel me to the polling station!

If there's going to be kettlebells, they should be like this one!
If there’s going to be kettlebells, they should be like this one!