Well last night’s weigh-in was pretty disappointing/frustrating. I gained 1.5lb. Now I did slip up a little on Tuesday morning, but I had sorted myself out by lunchtime, and even when I went out for the meal with work I stayed on plan – I even asked for my salad with no dressing! I was hoping to maintain, or even a small loss, so a gain was pretty annoying. I did measure my waist and hips and they have both reduced, so at least that’s something!
I noticed when I got home that my right leg (which is the one I had cellulitis in a couple of years ago) was quite swollen and solid, so that might not have helped my cause. I’ve asked my doctor about it and he says it might continue, but it should lessen as I lose weight.
So that’s me off into another week, but I’m not in too much of a grump over my gain. I’m in this for the long haul, and only good can come of what I’m doing.