After yesterday’s workout extravaganza, I decided to take it a little easier on myself today, so I went for a swim this morning. I love swimming in the mornings, it really wakes me up. Sadly, it didn’t work so well today, mostly because the pool was so warm that it was more like sinking into a relaxing bath. No bubbles though, but in the swimming pool that is definitely a good thing!

I didn’t do anything too exciting, just a 35 minute swim. I did some interval-type lengths for about two thirds of it, and then a lot of legs-only and arms-only lengths, which Phil claims will help me to build strength in my shoulders and hips. Swimming seemed like the best choice to stretch my aching legs, and it does seem to have helped with the tightness in my muscles, so I say mission accomplished! Day 23/31 complete (even if I did forget to click the “publish” button!)