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June 2014

New Things #8 – Quinoa

A lot of people have recommended quinoa (pronounced "keen-wah" for some unfathomable reason) to me over the last year or so, and I spent a long time not eating it.  The other day I found this yummy recipe on Sparkpeople and... Continue Reading →


New Thing #7 – Feeling Fruity

Next up in my ten new things to try in my June challenges is exotic fruit.  If you've read my other "new things" posts, you might be getting the sense that I've been feeling a little stuck in a rut.  I... Continue Reading →

New Thing #6 – Stepping Out

For the last few days I've been wearing a pedometer through the day (except for the gym) and it turns out I hardly take any steps through the day.  I think I kind of knew this on some level, which... Continue Reading →

New Thing #5 – Cable Girl

No, not that sort of cable girl, my face is nowhere near as rubbery as Jim Carrey's! This post is actually about the latest addition to my fitness routine - the cable machine.  A few weeks ago when I went... Continue Reading →

New Thing #3 & #4 – Not-so-personal Training & Real Weights

A few weeks ago I talked with a friend from the gym about having a joint personal training session, but we never got any further. We came to the conclusion that our fitness levels were too different for it to... Continue Reading →


Sam here is completely amazing, she is an inspiration. Her 365 journey is at an end, but her life has completely changed as a result. Take a look round her blog if you haven’t seen it already, she has tried some pretty varied stuff!

Project Warrior Goddess

365 days have passed since I rather rashly declared to the world that I would do some form of exercise or activity every day for the next year, and the time has come to reflect on everything that has happened during that process…

reflections I took this a while ago…it seemed appropriate 😀

ok…not everything…I am not going through the whole year day by day…that would be pure craziness…

It’d also take me another year…and I have new and exciting things to do in the coming year!

No don’t ask me what…I don’t know yet…

Ok, I do know some things but I will come to those later (in my what next? post)

Firstly my year…

I had one aim:
To get fit enough to dance in a mask
To become sufficiently fit and healthy that I could dance as many dances as necessary without having to have breaks and without…

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New Thing #2 – Griddled Chicken and Mango Salad

I don't know about anyone else, but I really struggle with packed lunch ideas - I have a few things I take regularly in a cycle but that's it. So for my second new thing for June I tried a... Continue Reading →

New Thing #1 – Breakfast Kickstart

For part of my June challenge, I am going to be trying 10 new things throughout the month.  I don't have any plans as to what these will be really, but this first one is a change to my regular... Continue Reading →


I have spent a lot of time trying to come up with a snappy title for this post, but try as I might I couldn't come up with one. This is a sensitive topic for me, which I have been... Continue Reading →

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