Tuesday was confusing.  I think Tuesdays are always confusing when I’ve had the Monday off work; this time I confused myself a bit more by swapping my workouts over – since I’d done so much walking over the weekend, I decided to do my upper body stuff on Tuesday and legs and hip stuff on Thursday.  So Tuesday morning I went to the gym and did:

3 sets of 12 of:
Dumbbell bench press (8kg weights)
Single arm bent over rows (8kg weights)
Dumbbell Shoulder press (6kg weights)
Bicep curls (8kg weights)
Tricep extensions (6kg weights)
Lat pull downs (87.5lb weights)
Chest press (50lb weights)
Flappy arms (2.5kg weights)

Followed by a 15 minute swim (I was running late and that’s all I could fit in!)

Tuesday evening, as usual, was boxing! 😀

I did a little less circuits and a little more boxing this week, and found overall that I felt a lot fitter.  Not just “I might actually survive this” fitter, but “wow, my lungs are working, my heart rate is up and that seems like a good thing” fitter.  I did:

1000m rowing, level 7
Kettlebell swings:
1 min, 10 seconds rest x3
50 seconds, 20 seconds rest x2
40 seconds, 30 seconds rest
30 seconds, 40 seconds rest
20 seconds, 50 seconds rest
10 seconds, 1 min rest
Mountain climbers (when I pulled a face, I got told my only alternative was burpees. Funnily enough mountain climbers seemed better then!):
1 min, 30 seconds rest x3
1 min, 1 min rest x5
Focus pads – this wasn’t timed as it was for technique, so Richard just kept going until I picked up the combination (a while!!)
Final 1 min punchbag round

Last time, I needed more breaks and for longer, and I couldn’t keep going through the punchbag rounds.  This time I was still raring to go at the end, I was actually quite disappointed to be finishing so soon.  I also found that my technique was better, which definitely means that I’m getting fitter – I find that as I tire my technique starts to suffer.  All in all, I am very pleased to declare that day 27/31 complete.  😀

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