With 2 days to go on my May challenge, I woke up on Friday morning in hideous amounts of pain.  It might have been the way I slept, but I had one stiff and painful hip and leg.  So I skipped my morning workout (I didn’t think the rower was going to do anything to help my situation), took care of it through the day, and by the evening I was feeling ok to do a workout.  I did Pilates Weight Loss Workout For Dummies, which is a DVD I’ve had for ages and been meaning to do more often.  It was much harder work than I remember, but fairly gentle on my sore hip and leg, which was my main aim!  That was day 30/31 complete, and I’m pretty proud I found a way round my problem!

The final day, I was travelling to visit my parents and leaving early – aiming for about 7.00am (I didn’t manage to leave until about 7.30, that’s procrastination for you!)   I got up extra early to fit in a workout before I set off, but I was feeling uninspired about what to do.  I decided to re-try another DVD I’ve not done for ages, and went for Claire Sweeney’s Perfect Fit.  Now, in all honesty, Claire Sweeney really does irritate me, but she doesn’t talk too much in this so I can handle it.  The DVD is broken down into 5 minute sections and you can build workouts yourself or set it to random.  You can also select the length of workout (from 10 – 60 minutes) so it’s pretty easy to tailor to the amount of free time you have (as long as you remember to factor in the warm-up and cool-down sections…)  I did 40 minutes total, and got a good mix of exercises in, meaning that my final day, 31/31 is complete!

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