OK, I’ve kind of got into this monthly challenge thing now. It’s taken a few days but I have finally got round to posting my June challenges. Yes, challenges. Plural. I have officially lost my mind.

So, without any more dressing it up, here are my challenges for June:

10 new things in June – these can be foods, recipes, exercises or even experiences as long as they are in some way beneficial. I will be blogging about these as they happen (probably).
20 hours of exercise logged throughout the month as a minimum.
30 days of water – I will drink 8 glasses of water every day throughout June.
40 good things. I have a little notebook where I write down things I’m proud of as they happen. I will be using this and also finding things I like about myself to write down, to focus on the positives and hopefully improve my confidence.
50 portions of fruit and veg weekly. This is just over 7 a day, which I hit on a “good” day – the plan is to make every day in June a “good” day.

And just to complete the fun, I will be doing the Level Up 30-day challenge in addition to my normally scheduled workouts (this won’t count towards my 20 hours and squats, mountain climbers and crunches I do in my normal workouts won’t count towards this challenge):