For part of my June challenge, I am going to be trying 10 new things throughout the month.  I don’t have any plans as to what these will be really, but this first one is a change to my regular routine.

Now, before anyone shouts at me, I do always have breakfast, but usually I have it after the gym, once I get to work.  I had read some time ago that it was better to eat after a morning workout rather that before, as a study had shown that this could help to burn fat more successfully.

After a poor result at Slimming World again last week, I’m trying Success Express this week for a boost (for those of you who don’t know, this basically means that fruit and veg should form 2/3 of each meal, but that the healthy extra allowance for fibre and calcium rich foods is doubled).  I decided to try a couple of other things this week to help me – I’m wondering if I’ve lost motivation a little because I’ve got stuck in a food rut.  So, using the healthy extra allowance, I decided to try porridge for breakfast.  This has the double effect of being a new food for me (I have never eaten porridge made the “old-fashioned” way, only the instant pots quite some time ago) and being a new time to eat breakfast as I’ll need to cook and eat it at home before I go to the gym.

The information I’ve been reading today says that eating this type of breakfast about an hour before my workout can be beneficial by

  1. Kickstarting my metabolism earlier in the day, meaning that
  2. My workout will be better fuelled, so that I can push myself a little more, and
  3. My body won’t break down muscle for fuel for my workouts.

So far, I haven’t noticed a difference – I think it might be more of a long term benefit – but I am finding that I’m more hungry after my workout than I used to be.  That seems a bit backwards, since I’m eating beforehand now and I used to fast until afterwards, so maybe that’s a sign that my metabolism is getting that kickstart.

As for porridge, well, I don’t hate it like I thought I would (I have texture issues with certain foods and I’m not keen on milk).  I add a 25g mix of dried cranberries and dark chocolate chips and I have to say that is delicious.  The first day I had it with fresh fruit as well, but I found that I was too full to work out properly, so now I have the fruit half of my breakfast after the gym.  It seems to be working well so far – let’s see what the scales think on Wednesday!