No, not that sort of cable girl, my face is nowhere near as rubbery as Jim Carrey’s!

This post is actually about the latest addition to my fitness routine – the cable machine.  A few weeks ago when I went to boxing, Richard had been called away and left me in the care of another trainer, Neil.  This was a good thing in some respects, but bad in others.  The bad points were that he struggled with the concept that my focus in those sessions is boxing, with fitness second.  I don’t know if this was down to my size, my gender or something else, but it was quite frustrating since I didn’t get to box very much, and when he gave me weights to work with I had to keep asking for heavier ones since the ones he picked didn’t really test me.  On the other hand, I got to try things that I don’t usually do, like the cable machine, and get other advice on things that Richard doesn’t normally cover.

I asked Neil, Phil and Richard whether they would recommend the cable machine over free weights, and they all had the same opinion: they wouldn’t recommend one over the other, and instead they prefer to mix the two.  Neil did mention that for biceps curls the cable machine can be better, because it requires control through the whole movement – apparently people have a tendency to be sloppy when they lower dumbbells after each curl.  When I used dumbbells yesterday I noticed that I am one of those people – especially on the last rep in a set!

So now, when I do strength training, I do some work with dumbbells and I have added in lat pushdowns, using two different handle attachment thingies, shoulder rotations and I use the cable machine for biceps curls on alternate sessions.  One new thing tried and permanently added!