For the last few days I’ve been wearing a pedometer through the day (except for the gym) and it turns out I hardly take any steps through the day.  I think I kind of knew this on some level, which is why I started tracking it, but I was shocked at quite how few I do.  My pedometer is only a very cheap one so I have some doubts about its accuracy, but unless it’s cutting out thousands of steps then I can’t really blame the equipment.

Therefore, in the name of getting my step count higher than 3000 a day (seriously, I’m averaging about 2500 which is not many at all) I have decided to make sure I go for a daily walk, either at lunchtime or in the evening (or both!) – I will report back about how well I’m doing!

On the topic of tracking activity and things, I have been considering a Fitbit or something similar.  I’d really love some input from people who have tried anything and to hear your recommendations!  Price is a factor, but I’d rather spend a little more and get something that works properly than get something cheap that doesn’t work at all!

Anyway, back on the subject at hand, I’m going to be aiming for 6000 steps a day to begin with.  I can imagine myself walking round and round my house in the evenings trying to get my step count up, which could be interesting.