Next up in my ten new things to try in my June challenges is exotic fruit.  If you’ve read my other “new things” posts, you might be getting the sense that I’ve been feeling a little stuck in a rut.  I have, especially foodwise.  So a week or two ago, when I found myself in the exotic fruit aisle in my local supermarket, I saw an opportunity to try something new.

I tried three new fruits altogether:

Sharon fruit/Persimmon kind of looks like a tomato’s bigger, more orange sibling.  It tasted similar to pear, but didn’t have the grainy texture problem I usually find with pears.  I’d definitely buy it again, it was an interesting addition to my diet.

Papaya is something that I couldn’t believe I’d never tried before.  But when I tried it, I didn’t feel as though I’d missed out, I was actually kind of disappointed.  It was ok, but nothing really special for the price.  (And the seeds look like rabbit droppings which is a bit off-putting.)

Passion fruit looks like a big squash ball, but was thankfully easier to chop.  When I tasted it, I recognised the flavour – the same as Solero ice creams (I think I was probably supposed to recognise the flavours in the other directions but never mind.)  I love the flavour but I’m not keen on the frog spawn appearance or the edible seeds.  So all in all, nice enough but it won’t reappear too regularly.












As exotic fruit goes, these were nice for a change, but I’ll keep looking for permanent additions to my mango-pineapple-melon cycle – any recommendations?