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July 2014

Food I Never Thought I’d Try

A while ago, the lovely Nancy over at my year[s] of sweat and I had a discussion about breakfast, and she recommended overnight oats.  Now, it seems that the world and his wife had already heard of/tried this and I... Continue Reading →


Add Some Variety to Your Workout

I've been working out a lot recently.  I actually haven't been swimming in a couple of months, I felt like I wasn't pushing myself hard enough when I swam, I kind of did it on autopilot.  I will go back... Continue Reading →

Why Do We Eat?

I think that a surprisingly small number of people would answer this question with "because we are hungry" or "because food sustains us".  For a lot of people, food is associated with certain emotions or situations.  I am one of... Continue Reading →

I’m Here (In Case Anyone Noticed That I Wasn’t)

I'm really sporadic with blogging, I have so much to say sometimes that I write post after post. And then... I stop. I think it's about a week and a half since I last wrote, but I have been doing... Continue Reading →

And This is July

And summertime is well and truly here, even in rainy England! I think I may have over-challenged myself in June, so I'm dropping it back a step. I will be sticking to my healthy habits through the month (of course)... Continue Reading →

That Was June

And didn't it go quickly? You might recall that at the beginning of June I published my challenges for the month. This is a quick round-up post to let you know how I got on. 10 new things? Done! 20... Continue Reading →

More Awardiness

Well, actually, it was here just before my great disappearing act earlier this year. The lovely Sam over at Midsummer 365 Project nominated me for a Liebster Award (thanks Sam!) I spent a lot of time catching up and I... Continue Reading →

Very Inspiring Bloggers

I'm feeling quite overwhelmed here today.  I have been nominated not once but three times for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  I'm so flattered I can't even describe it!  Huge thanks to The Ipockolypse, Weight2Lose2013 and Not Weighting for my... Continue Reading →

New Thing #10 – Tracking

You might have noticed that I have mentioned the Sparkpeople website a few times in recent posts and comments.  This is because I am using it on a daily basis to track my food and exercise - and as a... Continue Reading →

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