You might have noticed that I have mentioned the Sparkpeople website a few times in recent posts and comments.  This is because I am using it on a daily basis to track my food and exercise – and as a possible alternative of Slimming World.  As a SW member for the past year, I feel a little as though I’ve reached a point where it is no longer useful for me.  The beauty of Slimming World is that it is simple to follow and it does teach people about healthy food choices; I lost my first two stone using their plan and my parents have both followed it and reached their goal weights, for which I am very very proud of them.

However, what has happened for me is that I’ve found that I’m either “on it” or “off it”, most notably if I go over my daily syn allowance I have a tendency to think “**** it!” and overeat.  So I am experimenting with tracking via Sparkpeople, which gives daily nutritional target ranges for calories, fat, protein etc which I think will help me to keep control by letting me occasionally have a “splurge” meal which I can balance with lower calorie meals through the rest of the day.  Slimming World’s mantra is that nothing is off-limits, but there is a definite culture in group that foods that take you over your daily syn allowance are forbidden.

So, I am experimenting with tracking this way, and I am also tracking my weight (obviously), measurements and body fat percentage).  I have taken a break from Slimming World rather than quitting entirely – I don’t want to burn any bridges until I find out how I get on without the support of my group – but I’m hoping that this will give me a little more freedom and perhaps imitate “real life” a little more.  I’ll keep you posted!